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Jennifer Wright

Thinking about how often I've heard Republicans say they hate illegal immigrants because "they don't pay taxes."


1 day ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The nerve of people who ask “how are you going to pay for it?” whenever we propose building advanced public educati… https://t.co/uhOot8Ym0F


12 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

What a hypocrite! While Trump makes hateful & racist rants about how immigrants are “bad” for the country, the undo… https://t.co/3PM88Kw5gz


1 day ago

Aman anand

Upi transaction are said to be the fastest and safest mode to transact, But with google pay it takes forever (even… https://t.co/GNQelBeKx0


just now


RT @_timhernandez: The Trump taxes thing upsets me because there are UNDOCUMENTED, IMMIGRANT workers who pay MORE in TAXES for services the…


just now

Log_Fella ⚒️

It is Often wise to Pay the Full Price.


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