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The White Horse Pe31 tweets

Female Struggles

I hate it when other people laugh and still look attractive, but when I laugh I look like an awkward horse.


5 years ago


Alabama WR DeAndrew White has one hand on the ball and the other on #SCtop10's No. 1 spot ยป http://t.co/8gHOBmqdMM


5 years ago

ESPN CollegeFootball

ICYMI: Play of the Day: DeAndrew White with the incredible one-handed TD catch http://t.co/uo6bae3thx #DidYouSeeThat


5 years ago


A 46 year old white man shoots an 8 year old Black boy in the face (seemingly) for being Black and playing outside. http://t.co/xiOII40pYW


5 years ago

Chris D'Elia

I wish someone would do a hilarious vine already about the difference between white people and black people in a certain situation.


5 years ago

History In Pictures

Walter White's obituary in today's Albuquerque Journal today. Page A4 http://t.co/BlzTp3xiep


5 years ago

Dianna Agron

Waking up to @lordemusic is a big big bonus. "White Teeth Teens" on now, moving to "Royals" & "Tennis Court" next.


5 years ago