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Abercrombie burns its unsold clothes - They don't donate them because it's a bad image for the company to have poor people wear them.


9 years ago

Ghetto Translations™

"How long you gon be gone?" = I plan on having company over while you're not here.


9 years ago

Sexual Turn Ons™

love her, spoil her, wine her, dine her, kiss her, wife her, appreciate all of her, respect her, make her smile, make her happy.


9 years ago

Disney Words

Keep your dream alive. Dreaming is still how the strong survive. –Oliver and Company


9 years ago

Occupy Wall Street

State Dept finalized $5million order for custom crystal wine glasses for American embassies hours before #shutdown http://t.co/MfkTbwd8oB


9 years ago


Choose your company wisely. If you invite crazy in, you can't get mad when it won't leave! #TheSW


9 years ago

Far Eastern Tribe Re

BEAST 明日10/9(水)17時からTOKYO FM「Skyrocket Company」渋谷スペイン坂スタジオにて生出演決定!! 観覧整理券を明日午前10時(予定)から渋谷スペイン坂スタジ- オ前にて配布します。番組HPはこちらhttp://t.co- /ivvXBEeFWn


9 years ago