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Jan Romes

A cup of coffee & a good book = a great day! (A little luck wouldn't hurt either) LUCKY DUCKS http://t.co/ELiFiBSbSp … … … #TWRP


6 years ago

Terry Tyler

With two stunning elder sisters, poor Karen felt like Cinderella in reverse.. WHAT IT TAKES http://t.co/gwHuYFWYQa US http://t.co/3kuCnxbAJJ


6 years ago

Teodor Flonta

I did my best to protect my head with my hands, but the blows on my body hurt worse than the hailstones. Some of the http://t.co/CSzu7CVR


6 years ago

Jon Skeet

If you have the ebook of the 3rd edition of C# in Depth, it's niow available in ePub and kindle formats. Go to http://t.co/l7TkdayY3F


6 years ago

David Stokes

"Identical twins, magical worlds & evil..." THE WORLD OF KAROV a new #darkfantasy series at http://t.co/eeNXglYTsb @elysesalpeter #artknb


6 years ago

Alan McDermott

Join the adventure! Discover EVERWUD! You'll be glad you did... http://t.co/CygrhAnsNs by @treequeen #ArtKNB


6 years ago

craig stone

if you're reading this and have ever smiled at one of my tweets, repay me in kindness by RT this: http://t.co/pypHkAUCml - THANK YOU.


6 years ago