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Thought Pattern tweets


u don't speak much but wen you do I don't get ur thought pattern......... Don't blind your self now.


6 years ago

Yo Craig

@maddieecamp I am not looking forward to this new shift pattern. I thought 8.30 was bad


6 years ago

sara paisley

@Worldtotal haha Ahh I see, yeah I'm still in bed! Nope, I thought I'd keep my sleep pattern and do it today, I'm glad I did actually!


6 years ago

Ray Haesra

Wonder why casscara pattern is played by latin drummers in a latin setting. I thought brazillian music can't crossover to latin stuff


6 years ago

Lynne Sagen

I found it interesting a random thought - n old pattern went through my head and then right beside it came on... http://t.co/SVH5gN0S


6 years ago

Olivia Moehnke

I thought 2011 was the worst year ever, but 2012 was a million times worse. I hope there isn't a pattern here...


6 years ago


RT @sofieannjackson: Thought my sleeping pattern was getting better but its really not:(


6 years ago