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Thu Tuc Xin Visa Nhat tweets

Breaking News

Sudan foreign ministry denies president chose not to attend UN General Assembly, says visa request still with US - state media via @Reuters


6 years ago

Abby Martin

Pakistani #drone victims' lawyer blocked from entering US, derailing landmark hearing on effects of CIA drone strikes http://t.co/24g2xzyNPO


6 years ago

The Guardian

The #US promised a visa to my Afghan interpreter. Now it's been revoked | @mattczeller: http://t.co/CB9TgwKYmh #Military


6 years ago

Tiny Buddha

"When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?" ~Thich Nhat Hanh


6 years ago

Bodor ITU Konyol©

Uang bukan segalanya, artinya: Masih ada mastercard dan visa, atau kartu kredit..^^ *gesek2* *ditampar* *ternyata gesek janda*


6 years ago

Visa Brasil

Olha ela aí Pin @pontofrio : LG Optimus G por R$999 pagando com Visa. Mas só nesse link: http://t.co/5peHgPhk1V #semanamuitomelhor


6 years ago

Cancillería del Perú

Los peruanos podemos viajar sin #visa a 33 países. Conoce la relación en el siguiente link: http://t.co/nMEb2RNAEi


6 years ago