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Texas Instruments TI-NSpire Math and Science Handheld Graphing Calculator http://t.co/oAgCPbQJ


11 years ago

Brian Holt

This guy re-created Portal on a TI-83. That's some seriously impressive coding: http://t.co/gkvFSMUN


11 years ago

Andrew J. Erickson

Pretty amazing. Portal ported to TI calculators... http://t.co/zgf9IlN6


11 years ago

Jason Marr

Whoa, I thought being able to play Tetris on my TI-83 in high school was great, but Portal, that takes the cake. http://t.co/BlmlWYQD


11 years ago

Jimmy Sawczuk

If you thought you were good at TI-BASIC in high school, think again: http://t.co/A28fgwzb


11 years ago

Peter Fischel

RT @martinblore: Portal game on a TI-83 calculator! http://t.co/UxEZZH4y


11 years ago

Martin Blore

Portal game on a TI-83 calculator! http://t.co/UxEZZH4y


11 years ago