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To Do In Boston tweets

Kaarina Kvaavik

Are you an female entrepreneur? Are you in the Boston area? Do what I'm planning to do: attend this event! http://t.co/DgPSXWCM


7 years ago

Paul Schuster

Great to see my cuz @SandyHridel in Boston today! Need to do this more often!


7 years ago

lorissa slagle

"Do you live in Boston? I've been to Boston... isn't that where lobsters come from?" @bibleboy74 #smh #mademyday


7 years ago

Juron Boston

#YouCantBeTakinSeriouslyIf you didnt have multiple gf's when you were in elementary, all you had to do was write a note, it was so easy


7 years ago

Jorge Ospina

I want to run in the Boston Marathon one day. If I end up going to school in Boston, I'll do it by the time I graduate.


7 years ago


@daggums I'm hoping to be in Boston for one or two. Do you have big girl work at conformist hours?


7 years ago

Jays Piss Rocket ;

RT @HopeTheWanted: @TomTheWanted do you fancy an adventure to Costco and BJs with me and @SandraTWanted tomorrow in Boston? :D x


7 years ago