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Tokoyo Pen Shop tweets

Wiz Khalifa

Woke up sleazy. This pen aint runnin outta wax no time soon


6 years ago

The Fragrance Shop

Competition Time RT & Follow for ur chance to WIN a the NEW fragrance - David Beckham Classic http://t.co/MTwoApaIwK @DavidBeckhamFO 30/09


6 years ago

tom fletcher

Woah, I just ordered our weekly shop online. It's the frickin future. I'm getting in my onesie and watching movies all day.


6 years ago

Awkward Posts

What happens in an exam : Tik tok, Mind block, Pen stop, Eye pop, Full shock, Jaw drop, Time up, No Luck.


6 years ago

Hidden Easter Eggs

Need to get out of town? The phone number on the Vacuum Repair shop from last night's #BreakingBad episode actually works: (505) 842-4205.


6 years ago

Yang Waktu Itu Tea~

Kalo ada temen kalian yg tiba-tiba riweuh kalian jewer godegnya trus teriakin gini "APA ATUH APA ALICIA PEN HEULEUY?!!" Gitu. :( #cb


6 years ago


Turns out @MileyCyrus' #WreckingBall helped convince @RCARecords to sign her: http://t.co/H1V9kRvixW


6 years ago