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Justin Bieber News

You can request #HeartBreaker by calling, texting, and tweeting these major U.S. radio stations! #BIEBERBLAST - http://t.co/9GdRpoOSJI


5 years ago

Caleb Wilde

Have you been killed? The Almaraz Law Firm can help. http://t.co/BJvbu1FehB


5 years ago


if you're a guy & you make an effort to post pictures of you & your girlfriend randomly or just in general i give you major props.


5 years ago

Keith Marshall

Thanks everyone for all the prayer and support .. I will be fine.. Minor setback for a major comeback ! #timetogrind


5 years ago


Fucc the billboard charts. Fucc Soundscan. Fucc these major labels and they 360's We takin out culture bacc! #FUCCTHAMIDDLEMAN


5 years ago

Fox News

UPDATE: Pentagon confirms capture in Libya of Al Qaeda leader wanted in 1998 embassy bombings http://t.co/FLuOOSiUnF


5 years ago

Daily Bible

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall! -1Corinthians 10:12


5 years ago