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Tool Organizer Case Jensen tweets

Ricky Gervais

11 of my followers will die tonight. Hope it's not you. In case it is, thanks for following :)


9 years ago

Common White Girl

on a math test: 2+2 me: *uses calculator just in case*


9 years ago

Female Struggles

on a math test: 2+2 me: *uses calculator just in case*


9 years ago

Margaret E. Atwood

Okay,everyone's calling Me to get me to write about Alice! (Alice, come out from behind the tool shed and pick up the phone.) #AliceMunro


9 years ago

Jared Padalecki

Jensen had to throw himself on the floor from a standing positions several times in order to help sell the shot of him getting punched


9 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye is on the show tonight in case you’ve ever wanted to see a talk show host get strangled by a pair of leather jogging pants #KimmelJoke


9 years ago

Caspar Lee

Just got the iPhone 5sos so I had to get a new case too. Do you like? http://t.co/tTsOdRHWJl


9 years ago