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Toric Lense Correction tweets

Universe Today

"Here’s What A Spacecraft Looks Like Burning Up (Plus Correction of Past Article)" http://t.co/YNRi0UomS5 http://t.co/4nYPlpkHaI


6 years ago

Brad Thor

There is no course correction in progressivism. The answer to all of its failures is to do more of what failed, hoping it'll work this time.


6 years ago

not typical.

Good luck finding your pens, exam slip, IC, correction tape, eraser, pencil, ruler, and brains!


6 years ago

Chicago Bears

Correction, the drive covered 18 plays. Still took 8:58 off the clock. #Bears #CHIvsGB


6 years ago

Steven Russolillo

Stocks soar eerily high: S&P 500 gone 25 months w/out 10% correction (avg is 18 mos.) Time to drop? http://t.co/fq7CQqX2zh #MorningMoneyBeat


6 years ago

Max Keiser

Correction: If UK poor put £25 into BTC when I recommended it: you could buy a house today (worth £400,000).


6 years ago

Iarnród Éireann

CORRECTION! Use code EIPK2656 for 20% off irishrail.ie bookings til midnight tonight for #poweringkindness Donate at https://t.co/avDNX2fgUl


6 years ago