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asmakhan pathan

#Shame & #Sad RT@barbarindian Kashmiri Pandit houses being auctioned without notifying owners LT @Deshdaaz:http://t.co/KrkoTkW- EgY"


5 years ago

Mayank Jain

Some people oppose BJP topis because they do not like saffron colour. Many of the same guys also support Kashmiri separatism.


5 years ago


RT @Pwincevivek: @TwitterIndia appointed Anti-Hindu #Kashmiri Jihadi @Raheelk to abuse Hinduism #ShameOnTwitter http://t.co/ESVTumWU1z


5 years ago

Joanna Lobo

Fabulous story on 75,000 Kashmiri families in 'black list' for passports http://t.co/gkRPlw8YiE by @iftikhargilani via @DNA


5 years ago

The Bad Doctor

Dear Kashmiri separatists, why do you clamor for independence? India has been independent since 1947


5 years ago

Wu 凡Gogh

yes, the episode is unsubbed & lags~ it just aired an hour ago so please wait a while for translators & subbers to work their magic ^^


5 years ago

Jiten Gajaria

Reservations in AAP - Defaulters 10%, Land Grabbers 20%, Kashmiri Separatists 20%, Naxal Sympathisers 30%, Anarchists 20%


5 years ago