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Traxx Service Group tweets

Michael Clifford

Room service sounds great :)


6 years ago

Lowongan Jakarta

http://t.co/UoOJ4MggXG Lowongan Kerja Service Mechanic @ PT. Petrotec Air Power


6 years ago

Comedy Tweets

A relationship without trust is like a phone with out Service, all you can do is play games.


6 years ago

Zodiac Sign Cancerâ„¢

#cancer would rather hangout one on one rather than hanging out with a group


6 years ago

Shane Dawson

say hypothetically i was casting a movie about a group of funny high school graduates, what youtubers/actors would you like to see in it?


6 years ago

not typical.

study group = basically watching tv, eating, gossiping, stalking people, playing with phones, laughing loudly and 3.5 minutes of studying.


6 years ago


That annoying friend in group who always cancels the plan.


6 years ago