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Truth Of Life tweets

Tatjana Dimitrijevic

#Libya #DemocracyCame GNC premier survives attempt on life’ | @scoopit http://t.co/PfsxeE3L


6 years ago

Taylor Lewis

if everyone looked through all my tagged pictures on facebook i would be single for the rest of my life... #truth


6 years ago

Sabrina Rangel

Rules of Life from my accounting professor Dr. Delaney. #onlyagame #truth #besouthwestern ** http://t.co/p7n1bmc1


6 years ago

AK Press

RT @redemmas: Red Emma's featured @truthout today! "Collectives offer a way to change the way we think of work" http://t.co/K0kO1tk5 (CD)


6 years ago

Kat Loterzo

The truth is that it's up to you. How you live this life of yours, who you choose to be now and in the future.... http://t.co/kvcQv9T9


6 years ago

Brandi Nicole

RT @bryony_deighton: the hardest part about growing up, is letting go of something you were used to; and moving on with something you're ...


6 years ago

Erica P

@8346757 it's the truth. Florida is either the bane of my existence and the love of my life.


6 years ago