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Twitter Kakigolf tweets

CLIFFAngels Official

“@Miss_Yrica: @CLIFFangels meron po bang twitter si cliff? :))”yup! @CliffhoganOfcl tweet #EverydayIsCliffHoganDay


5 years ago

J Dub

So Im wanting to be up at 6am but #twitter and #IG are keeping me up!


5 years ago

Màshed Plutònium

@RX931 #IwuvJAYandKAREN ! I'm a man of MAGNET, so those MAN OF STEEL MMP TICKETS should be mine, bwahaha, am WILLING TO BE TWITTER JAILED 45


5 years ago

Mia Grey

I can't believe his been on twitter less than a day! PLEASE FOLLLW & RT @E_Kavanagh50FS @kavanaghtiedup http://t.co/XeuMjePoP6


5 years ago

Fεƒяї αη☂٥ ґعẕḱƴ

RT @Kimbo751977: Trust us, This website can help you get thousands twitter followers every day, More info, : click here,: http://t.co/Cmd99…


5 years ago

dave sierra

RT @mislje: "@xdoctortx: Why doesn't George R.R. Martin use twitter? Because he killed all 140 characters. #got" LOL!


5 years ago


@AyeeAiannaaah welp better get off twitter and save your battery life lol jk jk well use someone else's!


5 years ago