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Hot Secretaries Pose For You tweets


Trent who? Browns offense off to a hot start, up 14-7 on the Vikings early in 2nd Qtr. Brian Hoyer has thrown for 124 yds, 2 TD.


8 years ago

Ave Cocaína Purísima

Los tíos de pecho depilado con camisetas en pico llevan una Victoria Secret's dentro toma dale pose mira a la cámara mi amor ahá estilaso.


8 years ago

Alfredo Flores

It's SO HOT in Singapore that the moisture is KILLING my lens! No joke. #somebodydoesntlikethelights… http://t.co/T2Dv96S3jW


8 years ago


i wanna get hot and fit and healthy but like i dont wanna stop living off junk food and watching tv shows and sleeping until 4pm ya feel me


8 years ago


adding a period on the end of everything makes it sound sarcastic: lol. haha. youre so funny. youre so hot. of course i dont hate you.


8 years ago

Students Problems

me: it’s too hot me: *opens window** in comes 20 flies, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 Jehovah’s witnesses*


8 years ago

Women's Humor

Whenever I see a hot guy, I make up a 30-second love story for us.


8 years ago