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criança q ñ apanha: usa droga bate na mãe tira nota baixa fica na fila pro show do justin criança q apanha: vai na igreja come verdura


7 years ago

Lowongan Jakarta

http://t.co/SAud0lxL7i Lowongan Kerja QC / QC Leader @ PT. Technomeiji Rubber Indonesia


7 years ago

Thomas Parker

If you can't wait until the World Tour USA, we're doing a tour next month! Grab your tickets here http://t.co/NllsFpTIHn


7 years ago

¡Ay parfavar!

Dice que no está gorda y usa faja. ¡Ay parfavar!


7 years ago

Lowongan Bandung

http://t.co/bQWXrmnpq7 Lowongan Kerja Route Manager USA @ PT. Panah Perdana Logisindo


7 years ago

Fitness & Nutrition

Cigarette smoking causes 20% of the deaths in the USA. um. QUIT!!!!!!!!!! So horrible for your body!


7 years ago

DC Maryland Virginia

According to USA Today, Maryland has been declared the richest state. http://t.co/wzFEFaRwvu


7 years ago