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F1 Computer College tweets

Skip Bayless

Biggest injustice in sports is that kids are forced to risk health playing college football for 3 yrs before they can be drafted.


5 years ago

John Green

Looks like I'm about to pull my first legit all nighter since....college? The #tfiosmovie crew is powering through heroically. I'm fading.


5 years ago


EA has settled a lawsuit with over 200k former college football players whose likenesses were used without permission or compensation


5 years ago

Story Of My Life

School for 12 years, college for 4 years, then you work until you die. Cool.


5 years ago

Arvind Kejriwal

Journo students of a college together donated Rs 1 lakhs just now. Some of them donated their scholarships. This is the power of truth


5 years ago

Jim Gaffigan

Everyone in coffee shops just order already. You are getting a beverage not picking a college to attend.


5 years ago

true tweets

college is thousands of dollars but pizza is only like ten so what is the obvious choice here


5 years ago