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Uber Football Facts

Colonel Gaddafi was a Liverpool fan. A Liverpool mug was found in his hideout and he drank tea from it hours before his death.


7 years ago

Zeynep Tufekci

Muezzin who refused to say Gezi protesters "drank in his Mosque" as repeatedly asserted by PM Erdogan gets reassigned away from his mosque.


7 years ago

Facts In Your Face

Once Andre the Giant, in a hotel bar drank 127 beers and wasn't moved until he woke up after he passed out in the lobby because of his size.


7 years ago

5SOS Updates

'It is called being punk rock' 5SOS said as the drank chocolate milk through crazy straws and watched Dora The Explorer on repeat.


7 years ago

Morky #TurnUp

Officer "r u drunk?" Me "hel yeh I just drank liek 7 sunny D's turn up"


7 years ago

Johnny Frat Star

Skipped my first two classes and day drank at the golf course with coach. Pretty solid day. #HeilManziel


7 years ago


The older you get the more the hangover is based on what you ate more than what you drank.


7 years ago