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Vermisst Waging tweets

Peace & Quiet Quotes

The very battle you are waging right now is setting you up for the biggest victory of your life. Don't give up.


6 years ago

Cara Sulieman

Lawyer for petitioners keeps referring to Rangers "waging guerrilla warfare" against the motion.


6 years ago

Breitbart News

Greenpeace Waging War Against Life-Saving 'Golden Rice': The environmentalist group Greenpeace is waging war a... http://t.co/G9yLQHBBTf


6 years ago

Steven Ertelt

MT @RichNoyes Obama voted against protecting born-alive infants, Politico: Ted Cruz is fighting "war against babies" http://t.co/MJHdgYwO2m


6 years ago


Roger Simon Wishes Death on Ted Cruz, Accuses Him of Waging a 'War Against Babies' http://t.co/7ecqNXKXlQ


6 years ago

Niema Movassat

#Nahles vermisst Alkohol bei den Sondierungsgesprächen.Offensi- chtlich ist eine Große Koalition nur im Suff ertragbar. #SPD #CDU #CSU


6 years ago

(: Shanti

@Anna_Hopper2 Und ich habe das Gefühl, du hast das falsche Gefühl! Freue mich sehr, habe dich vermisst Anna <3


6 years ago