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Vespa Land Bangkok tweets

5 years ago


Missing people reminds you that you're not in jannah yet. Jannah is the land without separation, where "you will be with those you love."


5 years ago

The Next Web

Ads will soon land on Gmail’s Android app, as teardown reveals ad support http://t.co/dkAwWxX0CU by @kaylenehong


5 years ago

5 years ago

Katy Perry

Thank u for sending me to bizarre dream land w/ this 1, Gnight! @nbllrrr: @katyperry what if u peeled a banana & there was a hot dog inside?


5 years ago

Injustice Facts

A child working in a Thailand Disney factory would need to work for 55 days to afford a pass to Disney Land.


5 years ago

Great Bible Verses

Honour your father and your mother so that your days are prolonged in the land that the Lord your God gives you - Exodus 20:12.


5 years ago