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Villanova Italian Restuarant tweets

Elizabeth Windsor

American Government started to shut down. Not sure what the fuss is. Italian Government shut down about 40 years ago and no one's noticed.


6 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

And how can I forget to say I love you in Italian......the language of love ...... TI AMO


6 years ago

Simon Nixon

Berlusconi declares his support for Letta government and all of Europe collapses in laughter at the absurdity of Italian politics.


6 years ago

Victor Yoon

프란치스코 교황, 또다시 무신론자 편을 들어줌. 사람은 각자 자신에 맞는 방식으로 정의를 실천하며 악과 싸워야 한다고. 사람들을 기독교로 개종시키려는 노력은 넌센스라며. 교회의 지도자들은 나르시스트라고 비판. http://t.co/n2Ak5Uwfki


6 years ago

Are You Italian?

October is Italian Heritage Month! #ProudToBeItalian


6 years ago

Cassandra Clare

“@skinsouI: " hablas español cassie?” mas o menos. but i'm in italy now so I have to work on my italian


6 years ago

Washington Post

Pope Francis to atheist: Each person “must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them” http://t.co/avolrzT79I


6 years ago