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Susan Schweiker

You know the good fat Coconut Oil? I think I'm going to gain weight still on these, but they are great! Come in bbq… https://t.co/h8Hc48stHI


13 hours ago

Superior Source

Get your dose of vitamin C without swallowing a big pill! Our Tangy Orange Melts dissolve under your tongue. Proble… https://t.co/36Nzs0KbOY


14 hours ago

Heather Conley

https://t.co/jaavzwzESp https://t.co/1RpbaoylgM


17 hours ago

EastWind Productions

Here’s $10 OFF thousands of healthy essentials at https://t.co/hVa13BQORm for new customers! - https://t.co/KpFgrzHHIr


19 hours ago

Meatless Monday

RT @karenaspwriter: Happy @MeatlessMonday! Need ideas on what to cook today? @Vitacost recently released its second #MeatlessMonday e-cookb…


21 hours ago

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Ronna McDaniel

Democrat Claire McCaskill claims she’s bipartisan, but here’s where she's stood on just some of @realDonaldTrump’s… https://t.co/KIRzy4GDsi


1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

Here’s what’s crazy: throwing 32 million Americans off health insurance and cutting Medicare by $500 billion. That… https://t.co/PF3m3s0U84


10 hours ago

Kyrsten Sinema

“Let’s get this f*cking thing done.” That’s what @MarthaMcSally said just before voting to strip protections from t… https://t.co/aXSp88nQsC


11 hours ago

Sajith Darshana

Discover the fastest way to hire freelancers. Join me on Fiverr, get 20% off your next order and I will get a speci… https://t.co/wBw8c9tkwj


just now

Timothy Caday

RT @BoomBuencamino: (Jan 2017)SC: we grant bail to Enrile because of his "advanced age and unstable health condition" (Oct 16 2018) Enrile…


just now

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