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Vitamin C In Orange Juice tweets

mallory jones

Kid in my class brought orange juice to class.... In a full Tropicana gallon jug. Someone is getting there Vitamin C for the day. #dufuq


6 years ago

Jamie McMillen

"Orange juice has vitamin C in it, right?" @EmilyOdio


6 years ago

Jackie Wade

@NMUFred Drink lots of fluids helps flush out the toxins in your body. Orange Juice has high amounts of Vitamin C. Make your self some soup


6 years ago

Arron Ratcliffe

Every time we get orange juice in, i get ill. Proof that Vitamin C is a fake & a fraud among healthiness. #3wC heals me. Rain or shine.


6 years ago

Chris Brown

@aschwartz28 Mostly tastes like orange juice. Has orange juice, orange sherbet, peaches, bananas with immunity and vitamin C boosts in it.


6 years ago

Marla Kasprick☯

eat lots of vitamin C when sick? taking shots of lemon juice, and eating every kiwi and orange in the house.


6 years ago

carla coto-acevedo

Drinking some orange juice because I need some vitamin C in my system since I work with them little munchkins


6 years ago