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Голоc Амepики

Два колишніх співробітника штаба Трампа визнали факт зустрічі з росіянами - ЗМІ https://t.co/cStHnFk7RW


13 hours ago

The Global Fund

Stigma and discrimination still keep people from #HIV testing and the treatment/care they deserve. @MichelSidibe… https://t.co/1kzb6YOssa


1 day ago

The Voice of America

Australia to Ban Chinese Technology Giant From Mobile Data Project https://t.co/bp3Vt37t6w https://t.co/ljy4UxvjKb


20 hours ago

kambiz mahmoudpour

RT @VOAIran: به رغم ابهام در پرونده #درویش گنابادی، «#محمد_ثلاث» امروز در #ایران #اعدام شد https://t.co/mxb1ICz3bn


just now

محمد ديريه

RT @adancabdulle: The amalgamation of Somalia and Ethiopia is not new idea. It was first proposed by the late Cuban revolutionary Fidel Cas…


1 minute ago

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Steve Herman

Representatives of @DalaiLama in New Delhi call this report totally false and without any basis. The officials asse… https://t.co/beO6G2wCZW


6 days ago

ana marie cox

1) Is Van Sustren the only journalist that’s told Trump that Kim is a murderous tyrant? (To which he says, basicall… https://t.co/4H0AQPE3BH


5 days ago


RT @ogkeyser: FREE FROM ARREST #CallBankofChina Occupy the phones Paralyze business Start a run on the bank #FreeTibet #FreeHongKong #FreeC…


8 minutes ago

Gary Webb

https://t.co/1V1sEBVib6 The Truth about Tor Project-The U.S. American Propaganda Machine. #OpINGSOC #anonymous #Tor… https://t.co/SPQnHKjz8E


24 minutes ago

Uzin Tayza

RT @moe13kyaw: VOA,the only one TRUE NEWS! https://t.co/SFcEysZUMi


24 minutes ago

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