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Vuarnet Extreme tweets

Matt Pokora

Fin de show pour aujourd'hui direction le 20h de France 2 dans une fatigue extrême!! ✊ Go MP!… http://t.co/fy27rlB0zk


6 years ago

Planned Parenthood

Unbelievable: House trying to roll back ACA birth control benefit as part of shutdown deal. Misguided, desperate and extreme.


6 years ago

FC Barcelona

We have a new goal: to end extreme poverty #by2030. Are you in? Sign the petition today w/ @ZeroPoverty2030: http://t.co/jmUuETqcwY


6 years ago

Andrew Kaczynski

Planned Parenthood:"The country wants Congress to focus on jobs and the economy, not on pushing an extreme agenda against birth control."


6 years ago

Nicholas Kristof

Some good news for a change: Extreme poverty that characterized most of history is on its way out http://t.co/Z47itp3Mfv


6 years ago

金屁股 (hiatus)

It's Tao being really angry because of sasaeng fans' extreme stalking and prank calls. He wants his own freedom. http://t.co/RXFDMPdaF5


6 years ago

Gerard Butler

Join me & share your voice to fight extreme poverty at #GlobalCitizen Fest. Introducing my guys @KingsOfLeon! Stream: http://t.co/lM4TAO4DiP


6 years ago