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Waitakere Wedding Venue tweets

Benjamin Cook

"You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr Daniel Howell and Mr Philip Lester…" #DanielAndPhilip #Phaniel


6 years ago

Theresa Caputo

It’s not often I hear from someone who lost their significant other on their wedding day. My heart went out to Kim. #LongIslandMedium


6 years ago

To My Future Husband

#ToMyFutureHusband No matter what... You will not see me in my wedding dress before I am walking down the aisle towards you.


6 years ago


I also have some t shirts for sale in the venue if you fancy one! I'd love to see you wearing one if you get one :) http://t.co/rGv8gmufgc


6 years ago

TLC Network

"My husband passed away on the night of our wedding and it was the worst thing that I could ever imagine." - Kim #LongIslandMedium


6 years ago

Mary J Blige looks like those aunties who stop you from getting a second plate of food at a wedding.


6 years ago

Tanya Burr

IM SO EMXCITED TI WATCH THIS VIDEO @PointlessBlog! Hope we have wifi at the venue!! http://t.co/W6v5YNIyfO


6 years ago