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Warmup Coffee 14323 tweets

Tanyel Irwin

I want to live in New York and wear big black sunglasses and pencil skirts and heels and walk holding a coffee and a bagel


5 years ago

Sex And The City

I was up all night, I need a coffee the size of my head. #satc


5 years ago

Life Hacks

You can remember the value of pi (3.1415926) by counting each word's letters in "May I have a large container of coffee"


5 years ago

Google Facts

Starbucks uses round tables to make solo coffee drinkers feel less alone.


5 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Harga Black Ivory Coffee (Kopi dari 'kotoran gajah') 2 kali lebih mahal dari Kopi Luwak.


5 years ago


Coffee beans are the pit of a berry which makes them a fruit.


5 years ago