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Water Oxygenator tweets

Not Will Ferrell

Cop: "Sir, what's in the bottle next to you?" Me: "Water." Cop: "Sir, this is wine." Me: "What? That Jesus! He did it again!"


5 years ago

Fill Werrell

Cop: Sir what is in the bottle next to you? Man: It's water *hands the cop the bottle* Cop: Sir, this is wine. Man: Jesus did it again!


5 years ago

Ashton Irwin

How come whenever you spill water, it always lands in your crotch region :(


5 years ago

Life Hacks

Get a small pan and fill with water. Add some vanilla extract and cinnamon and put on the stove. Your house will smell like a bakery.


5 years ago

Spiritual Truths

The flower will not grow without water, just the same as friendships, they will not grow beautiful without great love.


5 years ago

ian somerhalder

With @drgregallgood #flashflloodforgood #cgi2013 give a child clean water for a year...… http://t.co/cGzeaezaGE


5 years ago

true tweets

"I need a boyfriend" No, you WANT a boyfriend. You NEED water, cause you sound thirsty.


5 years ago