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We Buy House tweets

Natalie Grace

I dont have much money but boy if i did id buy a big house where we both could live.


6 years ago

Twin Cities Realtor

Minnesota mortgage rates are looking very appealing as we move into the New Year. Now is a great time to buy a house! http://t.co/i60qle00


6 years ago

Alyssa Olivas

We got a whole lot of money but we still pay rent cuz you can't buy a house in heaven.


6 years ago

Hailey Jo Wright

@SUPER_duePer lol. Okie. Land is a werrrkin man now-days. And we're lookin for a house to buy what up! #GetAholdOfUs


6 years ago

Josie Hardaker

@EmmaVSimpson apartment ? I want one of our parents to buy a house and we rent off them lol My dad already has 1 in Spondon x


6 years ago

Shannon Okey

@rockandpurl @mmaac @mercedesknits @taraswiger seriously! We could pay off our house and buy 2 new cars with the $ I've seen people spend.


6 years ago


@SophieLeech I thought we were going to buy a house and have big LTA parties?


6 years ago