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Webcomics Weekly Podcast tweets

Steve Walsh

Really interesting podcast episode for folks who like webcomics, re:C-A-D: https://t.co/9zX9ge6X


11 years ago

hello, tim (Ծ‸Ծ'

it's kind of incredible that a 90 minute podcast psychoanalyzing tom borkley based on the ending of CAD exists http://t.co/WiqQWs4I


11 years ago

Sean Hutchinson

Hey @pvponline  and @krisstraub , I really liked the Webcomics Weekly podcast. Thanks!


11 years ago


@chainsawsuit I just listened to your podcast Webcomics Weekly. My knowledge of webcomics just went from zero to something. More coming?


11 years ago

Tim Gibson

@elsanto45 I don't know if anything more needs to be said about CAD 2.0 after the latest Webcomics Weekly podcast...


11 years ago

Peter N. Trinh

I keep relistening to the newest podcast episode of Webcomics Weekly. I'm glad these guys are back.


11 years ago