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Thad Castle

Just so we're all clear: NASA is getting a direct feed from a robot on Mars, but I still can't make a cell phone call from my basement.


9 years ago


Odio cuando pongo mal la contraseña en Twitter y me aparece “Tenemos que revisar... "¿Eres humano?". AY NO! me descubriste, soy un robot.


9 years ago

#TwitPerli ™

Masa kecik → Nampak kipas → Pergi dekat kipas → Cakap depan kipas → Dengar suara macam robot → Rasa seronok → RT kalau korang pernah buat.


9 years ago

Panggil aja Beb

katanya nanti disms lagi kalo udh ga sibuk,dari pagi aku nungguin ga ada kabar juga :( emg kamu robot ga ada istirahatnya -_-


9 years ago

Bleacher Report

VIDEO: An FSU player did the "Chappelle's Show" robot dance after their win over Clemson. http://t.co/aeBSZoA0QZ


9 years ago

John Cusack

Crazy how people qualify tragedies as " brutal and senseles" -murders - but a robot blowing up terrified innocent people isn't ..umm


9 years ago

Nathan Fillion

My favorite robot, @TheJohnDiMaggio, made a documentary. Check it. http://t.co/BbpMI21GXI


9 years ago