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I hate my hair then I love my hair then I hate my hair then I love my hair


6 years ago

Typical Girl

If my hair could grow 6 or 7 inches overnight that would be great.


6 years ago

Wall Street Journal

Breaking: Nelson Mandela, South African leader and apartheid foe, dies at 95. http://t.co/tYCeELTJqc


6 years ago

Weed Tweets ™

Tips to Make Hair Grow Fast and Healthy http://t.co/DeDerSX0uS


6 years ago

Female Pains

“can I play with your hair?” is basically a marriage proposal GOD YES YOU CAN PLAY WITH MY HAIR


6 years ago


*me after a haircut* me: i love it! me: it's different me: it's not that bad me: OMG WHY! me: WHERE IS MY HAIR?? me: THEY CUT OFF TOO MUCH!


6 years ago

The Friendly Asshole

Signs a Woman Likes You: 1. Eye contact 2. Twirls her hair 3. Laughs at your jokes 4. Follows you 5. Keys your car 6. Kills you


6 years ago