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What Do They Know tweets

miss seanine shoer

nearly finished buying xmas presents,thank fk #doesmyheadin when you ask what do they want & you get an i dont know answer,so they get nowt!


6 years ago

R U Mine? ▲

RT @hanwanx: When you actually respond to little, chavy girls 'merks', they don't know what to do. Sorry miss 0 GCSE'S, can you wipe you ...


6 years ago

Kayla Calaf ;3

They don't know what we do best, its between me and you our little secret..


6 years ago

Joy Jenea

Little do they know thts just how cocaine started as a party drug now look what its become.


6 years ago

Griffin Day

When people think they know me and what i do >>


6 years ago

DEC 8th! my b-day!

RT @ciara: No Have A Fear For Them Know What They Do:)....Good Night 2 All!..Prayers Up!:) XoXoX..


6 years ago


How do people know what they wanna be when they grow up?


6 years ago