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What Does Natl Stand For tweets

Eva Sorock

RT @backyardconserv: We need American statesmen in the Senate to stand with @SenTedCruz:Senate GOP Con Job: Opposition to Obamacare http://…


5 years ago

Matthew S Muller

@ScottGottliebMD they will want neither. Stand by for implosion, then outcry ("natl" system). p.s. copay? for a service? with value? crazy.


5 years ago

Let liberty reign

RT>>"@NROcorner: Senate GOP Con Job: Opposition to Obamacare http://t.co/NIJuuVm8ZC” voters have a right to know where their senators stand


5 years ago

DJ Jsanty

Some youth doesn't stand or take his hat off for the natl anthem, but jumps ups and yells for the churro guy. #ihateyouths #athletics


5 years ago

National Positions

Do you know where you stand when it comes to Page Rank and Domain Authority? http://t.co/l251hY8RXF


5 years ago

Karl Kroshinsky

Truly doing the work of the people! Stand up for @SenTedCruz! Call Congress now! --> Ted Cruz Punches Back http://t.co/YkosGRAQpw via @NRO


5 years ago

BuzzingHot Feeds

Natl News : New Jersey Supreme Court to decide if judge can moonlight as stand-up comedian: A judge in N... http://t.co/gOXZ5SfuDK #news


5 years ago