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What Is Sfx tweets

Jasmine Angel Woods

http://t.co/qPLyA7V7 Looking good, I don't want to think too hard about what Radagast is doing there though (via @SFXmagazine)


7 years ago

Suzdariffe David

When I get my Universal Studios annual pass again, this is what I'll wear 1st day back. ^_^ Terminator SFX Make-up http://t.co/b7ahMlZ7


7 years ago

An Epic Writer

On SFX: Oblivion: Spectacular Concept Art For Tron: Legacy Director’s New Movie: Now this is what you cal... http://t.co/W8AphWJv #scifi


7 years ago

m4ndi$4 b4nk$

SFX asked me what are my plans for the future. I said "to not be dead LIVE LIFE YOLO" which is legit tbh.


7 years ago


What am i watching the sfx is hillarious.


7 years ago

Alejandro Barón

http://t.co/DgQKR4RG what is even going on


7 years ago

Philip Mayes

The SFX in TLOTR The Two Towers is still better than what you get in most Hollywood films: they don't look like SFX.


7 years ago