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What To Say To Ex Girlfriend tweets

Hayden Zaborowski

That awkward moment when your ex girlfriend calls you and randomly says she loves you and your like... Ummm.. And what do you want me to say


6 years ago

RT @1Dmarch2013: Teacher: "so yeah my ex girlfriend was going on "holiday" with another guy" @Stephers97 "what?" Me: "he's trying to s ...


6 years ago


“@gee_raffee: You stress me out girl.” That's what I should say to my girlfriend if she wasn't my ex


6 years ago

cynthia ramirez .

I wonder what my brother's going to say when I tell him i'm tryna find his ex girlfriend hahah ... She was mad cool


6 years ago


@madi_greenbean yea but your ex girlfriend that's really awkward and text what you where going to say it won't let me in


6 years ago


Lol I'm a mean #girlfriend ********** I feel bad for my ex's when I think about what I use to say and do to them


6 years ago

Girlfriend Was Here♥

Rio ex girlfriend Tanisha called me & started crying :( idk what to say she otp sobbing like crazy she sad af


6 years ago