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Wand Tattoo tweets

water is goood

Kept my #leo pen tattoo on for 6 months(: proud #leo haha you can see it in this picture of me making a wand... http://t.co/jm03aXeo


6 years ago

elf in da pants

Omg Liam had a "only time will tell..." Tattoo on his wrist and now there's pictures of Danielle and Liam holding hands omg how perf


6 years ago


Tattoo the wand on my left foot


6 years ago

Jamie Craig

@ohmz It's not, but it could be.You could tattoo the beads used in e-Ink displays and then use a magnetic/static wand to set the pattern...


6 years ago

Rachel Davis

@AishaBucanelli I suppose...get a wand tattoo :p I solemnly swear i'm up to no good hehe


6 years ago

Chelsey Schofield

Finally decided what my next small tattoo will be. Either Dumbledore or Harry's wand on the inside of my right middle finger. #smashing


6 years ago


RT @Monkeey_Edwards: My aunty just said she's getting a Dark Mark tattoo and a wand and when her kids misbehave she will say 'I'LL SEND ...


6 years ago