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Windsor On Preferred Vendor tweets

Boing Boing

“@_wirepair: Congratulations on your device purchase! Would you like: A. A US Backdoor. B. A Chinese Backdoor. C. A Vendor Backdoor.”


4 years ago


Foco de incêndio perto do Hotel Windsor, onde o leilão do Campo de Libra ocorre daqui a pouco. Siga em TEMPO REAL http://t.co/JK3GUGqOwG


4 years ago

AC Milan News

Montolivo: "I prefer to play in front of the defence. The role behind the strikers is my least preferred role." @OfficialMonto


4 years ago


The Chinese army's preferred weapon for dealing with these giant deadly hornets? Flamethrowers! http://t.co/I7WQnE6Cpb


4 years ago

Ross Douthat

I'm going to say this again: I cannot believe the Iraq-redolent "tech surge" is actually the Obama White House's own preferred phrase here.


4 years ago

Windsor Lancers

LANCERS WIN!!!!! Windsor defeats @The_Stingers 1-0 in extra innings to capture the @CIBANationals gold medal!! http://t.co/J9dOLZUvnv


4 years ago

Ethan Strauss

Funny to see Curry ranked No. 6 a year after half the Warriors fans preferred Monta "have it all" Ellis http://t.co/PZgUCCHp8i


4 years ago