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Wlan Der Zukunft Stick tweets

Brandon Bollig

You think @88PKane's stick handling video was good, check out my version. Much better. http://t.co/BuZZ8wOq8X


5 years ago

Wheeling Problems

If you think you're having a bad Monday, just be happy that you didn't take a stick to the chops like @89SGagner http://t.co/3YwOhYD35S


5 years ago

WOW Facts Of Life

Don't step on spiders around the house. If they're female and carrying eggs, they'll stick to your shoes and hatch all over your house.


5 years ago


"Olmuyor" der, "Yapamıyorum" der, "Sen benden daha iyilerine layıksın" der, "Hoşçakal" der. Velhasıl; "ben şerefsizin önde gideniyim" demez.


5 years ago

Best of Taurus

#Taurus are irritated by people who constantly change. If you can't manage to stay the same then your Taurus wont stick around. Sorry.


5 years ago


#Capricórnio O foda é que mesmo não criando expectativa, vai doer se não der certo.


5 years ago


não crie expectativas, crie indiferença. se nada der certo, tanto faz


5 years ago