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Womersley Vinegar tweets

OMG Facts

Pearls melt in vinegar


5 years ago

Daily Life Hacks

Want old paint to come out of paint brushes? Soak old them in HOT vinegar for 30 minutes and then wash.


5 years ago

hardeep singh kohli

Wonder what would have happened if a middle class white man had been shot on the way home from Waitrose having purchased balsamic vinegar?


5 years ago

Boy George

Just had a shot of apple cider vinegar with a dash of Agave syrup with hot water! Mmmm!


5 years ago

Theory of a Deadman

How come silicone smells like salt and vinegar chips.....or does salt and vinegar chips smell like silicone.....I'm hungry


5 years ago


Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day if you have a Sore Throat. The vinegar kills the bacteria.


5 years ago

X A N D E R 'Zee'

If she doesn't know that Cheese & Onion crisps used to come in a green bag, and Salt & Vinegar came in a blue bag, #ShesTooYoungForYouBro


5 years ago