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Woodcastle Dictionary tweets

Motivational Quotes

The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. - Mark Twain


9 years ago

MLB Memes

I looked up clutch in the dictionary and I saw a picture of..... #STLCards #Freese . http://t.co/A08Y16z2Xh


9 years ago

Rap Like Lil Wayne

Roll weed on a dictionary. I call that high-definition.


9 years ago

Jonah Keri

SUPERFUN Project finally done: Grantland Baseball Dictionary - all the terms & memes fit to print. http://t.co/Mu08w70ZLN


9 years ago

Noel Brown

I guess since they've officially added twerking and selfie to the dictionary they might as well remove the words future and optimism.


9 years ago

Will Ferrell

H3yy, wh@t R y0uu dO!nq? "About to throw a dictionary at your face."


9 years ago

Paul Kedrosky

Urban Dictionary: bp;dr -- behind paywall; didn't read http://t.co/ROzmye1ZVo


9 years ago