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Wrist Tattoos tweets

Koona Prosper

should probably go to bed soon. Gotta be up early, head out to my sister's then later that afternoon, finish up my wrist tattoos. #InkAddict


6 years ago


when my wrist heals, babe and I are getting matching tattoos :') ♥ hehe yay!!!


6 years ago

Shelby Lynn

@dropitlowshorty going into cosmetology, so visible tattoos isn't a problem. :) i thought about my wrist, i just keep coming back to heart.


6 years ago

the elaine doyle

all I want are tattoos. Tattoooooooooooooooos. #please #neck #ankle #wrist #side


6 years ago

Kelsey Stiles

@mikerossi22 @chasericemusic yay richboro P.A!!! First to get here last to leave!! Chase snapped a photo of my wrist tattoos!!!!!!


6 years ago

Morgan Risley

Me and my mommy are getting matching wrist tattoos in a few weeks :) #cantwait


6 years ago

Ashlay Rauschuberr

RT @skkyy3: My wrist tattoos say "just love" "no lies" .. A guy I work with asked what they mean ... Uhh aren't they self explanatory?


6 years ago