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Writing An Explanation Conclusion tweets


there is no explanation 4 the electric crystal nighttime u just need 2 accept it as part of our collective sensual galaxy


5 years ago

Sarcastic Stewie

*In school* Teacher: "Must be 5-10 sentences." Me: "Yeah, I'm only writing five then.."


5 years ago

The Paris Review

“Writing is neither a happy nor an unhappy occupation—it is something in between. It is a second life.”—Ismail Kadaré http://t.co/t263gCF1Wh


5 years ago

Tyler Oakley

You know when you're writing something but you can't seem to remember of the EXACT word you're thinking of? http://t.co/CagAhwcFnb


5 years ago

Ti West

I'm convinced a side effect of filmmaking must be amnesia. No other explanation of why anyone would ever decide to do it more than once.


5 years ago


Llegué a la conclusión de que el sueño es el amor de mi vida.


5 years ago


What Do You Love About Writing Code? We Ask, Software Engineers Answer http://t.co/KuGx32U7JN by @loyalelectron


5 years ago