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Y3 Bmx Master tweets

5 Seconds of Summer

BMX BANDIT http://t.co/Q3cKzIvQtS


5 years ago

Story Of My Life!

Twitter makes you improve your writing. The 140 character limit forces you to master the art of getting to the point.


5 years ago

Caspar Lee

Just had my first American accent class. I want to master it before I go home.


5 years ago

Beasiswa Indonesia

http://t.co/1u3xOCzK4H beasiswa di University of Bern SWISS, mau? :)


5 years ago

El Periódico

El mensaje de un joven con dos carreras y un máster que limpia aseos en Londres indigna en la red http://t.co/aXnnrkvLgn @benjaserra


5 years ago

Chris Jericho

27 years ago we lost THE MASTER. Much respect Cliff, you'll always be one of my… http://t.co/JLJPrb8nvQ


5 years ago


Waka Flocka Flame Waka Flocka Water Waka Flocka Air Waka Flocka Earth Waka Flocka Avatar, master of all four elements


5 years ago