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Yoga Therapy tweets

angelito magno

@MissKellyO His voice is so calm as if you are getting therapy from your shrink, or as if listening to yoga music


9 years ago

Matt Berman

@bt_dmb BT I hope all is well man...I've been meditating and doing yoga. Helping a ton. Just need some DMB therapy next week!


9 years ago

☥ △ ૐ

Yoga is life changing from the inside out, but did you know it can help heal addictions?! Read more in @SocialWorkToday http://t.co/pjfdl6ZX


9 years ago

Tammy Sytsma

I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/41WRZulw Dolphin Plank Tammy Sytsma Yoga Therapy 4U


9 years ago


Some research groups reported that Yoga can be used as an effective therapy in type2 diabetes. Diabetes Care.34(10):2208-


9 years ago

Blair Spangler

Yoga Therapy: A New Fitness Niche: By Megan SengerYoga therapy features a broad… http://t.co/K4gg9wrm


9 years ago