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You Tube Killington Snow Dogs tweets

Ariana Grande

I want to start making Vines now. @jennettemccurdy has inspired me. They probably won't be that funny / will most likely all be of my dogs.


10 years ago


Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece and were originally designed to protect the dogs throat from wolf attacks.


10 years ago

Disney Words

When the prince of my dreams comes to me, he’ll whisper I love you and steal a kiss or two. –Snow White


10 years ago

Funny Tweets

Imagine if Police had giant police spiders instead of police dogs. There would be no crime.


10 years ago

Baby Animals

baby polar bear playing in the snow aww http://t.co/NdFi0XtmRT


10 years ago

anthony spears

can it snow this weekend that's all i ask


10 years ago

Brilliant ideas

dogs are the most faithful companion you will ever find http://t.co/RUF2FoRppa


10 years ago