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Zakopane Night Klub tweets

Niall Horan

That's the good thing about being down here ! Get back from gig on a Saturday night! And all the football just startin in England


9 years ago

Gatito Enamorado

The secrets to falling asleep fast every night, no pills required! http://t.co/MvGJRyLNQu - sp


9 years ago

5 Seconds of Summer

I had a dream last night that I was best friends with Andy from black veil brides.... Cal


9 years ago


I'm home on Saturday night like : http://t.co/pBoNrRBuqz


9 years ago

Students Problems

Teacher: Come on guys! You did this in 6th grade! Me: I don't even remember what i had for dinner last night.


9 years ago

Common White Girl

*friday night* everyone: "PARTY PARTY PARTY" me: http://t.co/HcTPnZQk9O


9 years ago

Mark Hoppus

So excited for Breaking Bad finale tomorrow night! How will Walt get out of that predicament on the meth lab floor from last week?!


9 years ago