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Zonnebril Scarface Open tweets

Barack Obama

"Congress needs to keep our government open—it needs to pay our bills on time. Time is running out." —President Obama #EnoughAlready


5 years ago


There’s a book sitting in front of you. In it contains all the bad things people have said about you behind your back, would you open it?


5 years ago

Sorry Not Sorry!

I always open a text and mentally respond, but forget to actually respond.


5 years ago

Sagittarius Zodiac

#Sagittarius are open minded to a very reasonable extent and they are not the one to make you feel ashamed about yourself.


5 years ago

Breaking Bad

We can't stop listening to Baby Blue, the final song from #BreakingBad. http://t.co/nBJ5ofKOeY


5 years ago

Will Mckenzie

Newcastle's defence is more open than Katie Price's legs.


5 years ago

The White House

Obama: "Congress needs to keep our government open...pay our bills on time & never, ever threaten the full faith and credit of the U.S."


5 years ago